Intuitive, Efficient and Beautiful.

Point of Sale Solution for Restaurants


Effective Technology for Restaurant Success

Accelerate your business potential with the innovative CloudPOS app

Easy to Use

Intuitive touch screen interface to take orders. Eliminate staff training with the user-friendly design.

Improve Productivity

Run your business more effectively by speeding up your counter & tableside service. Paperless orders for the win!

Customer Experience

Keep your customers coming back with shorter lines and faster checkouts. Have them tip & sign on your iPad.

Explore Features

All the tools you need to run your restaurant, big or small

Replace your old Cash Register

No need for extensive staff training with the remarkably simple and easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Fast Order Taking

Quickly select menu items by category or search by name. Top Sellers are listed under Frequent Items. Take orders at the table, categorize them by type, save and edit at a later time.

Send Tickets to the Kitchen

Print to one or multiple printers wirelessly from the counter or tableside. Eliminate miscommunication between your staff. Quick Service Restaurants can automatically send tickets to the kitchen directly after payment.

Add Custom Items

Easily add a special one-time item to orders. Select a pre-defined price or enter any amount. Optionally, add a custom name.

Order History at your Fingertips

Manage all your orders in one place. Whether you want to view yesterday’s orders or see how many To-Go orders were made, Order Management makes it all convenient.

See Order Details

View order status, order number, payment type, time. Additionally, orders can be filtered by date and searched by order number.

Edit & Resend Tickets

Edit pending orders to add or delete items. Resend selected items or the entire order to the kitchen.

Cancel or Refund

Made a mistake or customer not happy? Mark the order as cancelled and start a new order. Completed orders can be fully refunded.

Process Payments Securely

Handle transactions easily by accepting payments via cash or credit card using an integrated card reader or an external terminal.

Integrated Processing

AmeriCloud Payments comes integrated with our app. Enjoy an average low processing rate of 1.99% + $0.30 or lower per transaction.

Bill Splitting Made Easy

Need to split the bill between customers? No problem, we do the math for you! Bills can be split evenly or by different amounts and payed with any combination of cash and card.

Add Tips or Gratuity

Have your customer tip & sign directly on the iPad or on receipts. Party of 5 or more? Quickly add gratuity with a tap of a button.

Get key business insights from your sales data

Get a Daily Summary at the end of each business day, view Top Selling Items, and print Sales Reports.

Daily Sales Report

See Total Sales for the day according to cash, credit, refunds, as well as tips or added gratuity. Total Number of Orders and Items Sold allow you to quickly estimate how busy your restaurant was for the day.

Monthly Summary

Gauge the health of your business by viewing key trends over different months and use the data to develop strategies to increase sales.

Top Sellers

Quickly identify what's hot on your menu and use the information to spot food trends and create menu options that cater to your customers' taste buds.

Be in the know - anytime, anywhere

All your data is backed up to the Cloud for easy and secure access from anywhere. Know what’s going on in the restaurant in real-time.

Easy Menu Updates

Customize your menu and adjust prices from the restaurant – or from home – and it’s available on all your devices with the touch of a button.

Waiter Management

Waiters will be able to quickly Log In with their unique Passcodes with permissions set by the administrator. Each order will be linked to a waiter and the waiter’s name will appear on receipts.

Item Modifiers & Add-ons

Customize orders based on your guests request. Make it spicy, set a cooking preference or add an extra patty! You will soon be able to easily add modifiers and add-ons directly in our app.

Franchise Management

We are planning to scale up our backend systems in order to accommodate medium to large franchises so they can leverage the CloudPOS platform and manage several stores in one dashboard.

CloudPOS Dashboard App

We are working on launching an iPhone / Android app for restaurant owners who use CloudPOS as their point-of-sale system to monitor their restaurant’s sales and reports on the go.

Offline Mode

Have a poor internet connection or no connection at all? We are working very hard to bring you the most requested feature to make sure you can still process orders without connectivity.

Table Management

You will soon be able to assign table numbers to orders and get an overview of all tables in your restaurant at a glance, capture when the customers arrived and were seated.


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  • Software Only
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  • Single Device
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  • Two Devices
  • AmeriCloud™ Payments
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No cancellation fees, annual fees or any other hidden fees. Additional devices costs $10/mo each. No up-front costs to sign up and software upgrades are included for free. With AmeriCloud™ Payments, you will get an integrated merchant account and the ability to process your credit card transactions at a low average rate of 1.99% + $0.30 per transaction.


Choose a bundle that’s most suited to your style and needs!

Standard Bundle

Heckler WindFall® Stand
Thermal 3″ Receipt Printer
Impact Dot-Matrix 3″ Kitchen Printer
MagTek aDynamo Card Reader
Ingenico IPP 320 (EMV + NFC)
Star 16″ Cash Drawer

Compact Bundle

Star Micronics mPOP™
Integrated Cash Drawer & 2″ Receipt Printer
Heckler WindFall® Stand + PopTop
Impact Dot-Matrix 3″ Kitchen Printer
MagTek aDynamo Card Reader
Ingenico IPP 320 (EMV + NFC)

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Apple® iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 9.7-inch.

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